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H-E-B Shoppers Load Up on Chips

SAN ANTONIO — The H.E. Butt Grocery Co. let shoppers choose the newest flavor of its store-brand potato chips.

Loaded baked potato-flavor ridge chips, originally launched as a limited-edition flavor, will now be a permanent addition to H-E-B store shelves.

Earlier this year, H-E-B introduced four limited-edition ridged potato chip flavors: baby back ribs, Buffalo wings, loaded baked potato and rosemary. It then ran a text promotion letting shoppers vote for which flavor they wanted to remain on shelves. Voting ended July 1. H-E-B announced the winner this week on Facebook and Twitter.

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“You voted, and because you liked them so much, the H-E-B Loaded Baked Potato Chips are here to stay!” H-E-B said in promotional materials.

To promote the brand, H-E-B is offering a digital coupon for $1 off an 11-ounce bag. Promoted on Facebook and Twitter, the coupon is valid through the end of this month.

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