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H-E-B Announces Fitness Contestants

SAN ANTONIO — The H.E. Butt Grocery Co. has introduced the 25 consumers who are competing in its 16-week health and wellness “Slim Down Showdown” contest.

Photos and bios of and blogs from each contestant are posted on here. One participant is “Benjamin,” who is 5’ 7” and weighs 400 pounds. Benjamin is engaged to be married, and wants to start a new life for his bride-to-be.

H-E-B Helps Employees Shape Up

“I don’t want to be this size wearing my wedding tuxedo,” Benjamin says in his bio. “I’d like to be a wonderful husband to my bride, and not a burden due to my health.”

All participants attended a “Fit Camp” June 15-18, in San Antonio. During Fit Camp, professionals from The Cooper Institute and H-E-B offered education to the contestants on proper nutrition, physical activity and weight management. The person whose health has improved the most after 16 weeks will win $10,000. The contest operates similarly to one that recently concluded for H-E-B employees.

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