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McDonald’s Puts Nutrition Info on Menus

OAK BROOK, Ill. — Starting this week, McDonald’s will be posting calories on drive-through and in-store menus, the retailer announced.

“At McDonald’s, we recognize customers want to know more about the nutrition content of the food and beverages they order,” said McDonald’s President Jan Fields in a statement last week.  “As a company that has provided nutrition information for more than 30 years, we are pleased to add to the ways we make nutrition information available to our customers and employees.”

While the retailer has been offering calorie counts in certain markets, such as New York City where restaurant chains must post calories, this will be the first time it’s made this information available throughout the U.S.

Latin American stores will also have calories posted started March 2013.

McDonald’s said it will also be testing menu items that include produce options in 2013 in kid’s meals and a McWrap weighing in at 350 calories. McDonald’s also said it would be testing offering seasonal produce and breakfast items like an English muffin egg white sandwich.

McDonald’s has been looking to shed its unhealthy reputation with a series of nutrition initiatives:

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