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Retailers encourage shoppers to show love this Valentine's Day

Retailers are touting specialty roses, chocolates and surf and turf meal kits for Valentine’s Day.

Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, New Seasons Market and Bristol Farms are merchandising Fair Trade Roses at a time when conventional roses have been linked to labor exploitation, according to a Business Insider report.

Whole Foods promoted its Whole Trade roses in a recent blog post.

When you buy a dozen beautiful Whole Trade@ roses, you’re helping to insure fair wages and working conditions for rose farmworkers. In addition, a portion of what you paid goes into a development fund for the community that grew the roses. The farmers and farmworkers then determine how to use those funds for scholarships, healthcare, housing or other social, economic and environmental projects that meet the needs of their community. Isn’t that a great way to share your love?

H-E-B's Central Market is also merchandising something different in its Chocolate Makes Everything Better, Even Steak post on its More, Please! Blog.

Thick, juicy Rib-eyes and New York Strip Steaks are shot through with hints of sweet and spicy from our two new rubs: Cocoa Espresso and Five Chile Cocoa.

Dick Taylor craft chocolate is also highlighted, by the retailer.

Chocolate began as an highly sought after delicacy, usually reserved for royalty and the upper-upper classes. Somewhere between then and now, chocolate morphed into mainstream candy made by hundreds of companies blending thousands of flavors. 

That's not how Dustin [Taylor] and Adam [Dick] make their bars: "What we're trying to do is reinvent it [chocolate] back to the historical way ... trying to show that these beans have very unique flavors, very unique properties. We want to bring chocolate back to that very simplistic manner of chocolate making, but with our own twist."

Meal kits are available for shoppers who'd rather spend a quiet evening at home than go out to eat. Hy-Vee sells three meal kits that shoppers must cook themselves.

Wegmans is also selling ready-to-cook Valentine's meals consisting of Half Split Lobster Tails and Beef Wellington. 

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