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Personal shoppers nationwide will receive cash payments ranging from $50 to $300 based on orders completed between Nov. 25 and 30, Shipt said.

Shipt announces holiday cash bonuses for personal shoppers

Payments to recognize extra efforts during Thanksgiving week, Target subsidiary says

Same-day delivery specialist Shipt plans to pay holiday cash bonuses to all of its more than 200,000 personal shoppers.

The Target Corp. subsidiary said yesterday that personal shoppers nationwide will receive cash payments ranging from $50 to $300 based on orders completed between Nov. 25 and 30.

Shipt noted that it’s doubling its investment in holiday bonuses for shoppers’ extra efforts during the busy Thanksgiving week, which kicks off the holiday shopping season and, this year, will present “complexities and challenges” due to the coronavirus pandemic, including more online orders.

“Shipt shoppers are working incredibly hard, and we want to make sure they know we appreciate them and all that they do,” Shipt CEO Kelly Caruso said in a statement. “This holiday shopping season will be a very busy one, and we’re proud to reward the shoppers who are going above and beyond to serve their communities.”

The exact amounts of the bonuses will vary by market and be scaled according to the number of shops in the six-day time frame, Shipt reported. Shoppers will be able to see the specific bonus available in their metropolitan area and track their progress using the Shipt personal shopper app.

“What's unique about this bonus is that it enables Shipt shoppers to earn a bonus no matter where they are spending the Thanksgiving week,” Caruso added. “This is just one additional way shoppers can embrace, and benefit from, the flexibility offered in shopping for Shipt.”

The cash bonus announcement comes about a month after Birmingham, Ala.-based Shipt unveiled plans to hire another 100,000 personal shoppers to have extra hands to handle the upcoming spike in holiday orders. The hiring program will expand Shipt’s shopper base to more than 300,000 personnel.

In August, Shipt announced a pay-per-order option that enables consumers to use the service without having to commit to an annual membership, a move that better positions the company to compete with rivals Instacart and Amazon. Customers now can buy Shipt passes for a fee of $10 for one online delivery order, $9 for three orders or $8 for five orders. An annual membership costs $99 per year for unlimited free deliveries on orders of $35 or more.

The pay-per-order launch followed the debut of a Shipt brand refresh in February. The update included a new logo plus a sweeping, multimedia marketing campaign touting the brand’s new “Over-delivering delivery” tagline.

An independently operated unit of Target, Shipt provides personal shopping and delivery services in more than 5,000 U.S. cities, accessible to 80% of the nation’s households. Its 120-plus retail partners span the grocery, alcohol, kitchen goods and household staples, pet care, health and wellness, and business products segments.

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