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2013 Power 50: Charles C. Butt, No. 8 in Traditional Supermarket Operators

Charles C. Butt
Charles C. Butt
In times of crisis, H-E-B is there to help.

That’s the message Charles Butt has sent with programs like the H-E-B Eddie Garcia Mobile Kitchen, a 45-foot-long trailer that can prepare about 2,500 hot meals per hour and is dispatched to communities in need. The kitchen is named after a 45-year H-E-B employee who helped create and build H-E-B’s Food Bank Assistance and Holiday Feast of Sharing programs.

Along with the mobile kitchen, H-E-B also has the Disaster Relief Unit (DRU), a 57-foot trailer retrofitted with a mobile pharmacy, business center and ATM window.

Both vehicles were used when tornadoes devastated areas of North Texas several months ago, and again after the massive fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

“When a disaster strikes, whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, wildfire or the recent plant explosion in West, Texas, we immediately focus on helping and serving people in the affected areas,” Butt, H-E-B’s chairman and CEO, told SN.


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While providing aid in times of need is the cornerstone of H-E-B’s Helping Here philosophy, the retailer is committed to the community in another way — through its low-price positioning.

“Many customers are struggling to feed and care for their families on a limited budget. As a result, we continue to invest in low prices to help them stretch every dollar as far as it can go,” said Butt.

H-E-B recently launched a “Dare to Compare” television ad campaign that challenged shoppers to find lower prices than those at H-E-B.

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“When you have a big family, you don’t want to drive around town to find the lowest price. H-E-B checks and compares thousands of prices every week to make sure ours are really low, every single day,” H-E-B wrote in promotional materials.

Innovation continues to be a priority at the chain with unique initiatives like H-E-B’s partnership with popular hamburger chain Whataburger.

Whataburger is bottling its popular line of condiments — Fancy Ketchup, red jalapeno-infused Spicy Ketchup and Original Mustard — exclusively for H-E-B. H-E-B extended the line with the just-launched Whatafries, french fries that are cut from real potatoes, and can be heated or eaten straight out of the bag.

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