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Dietitians Cite Important Consumer Data Presented at Meeting

PHOENIX — Supermarket dietitians who attended the annual Shopping for Health meeting here last month told SN they were particularly interested in data offered that showed consumers’ attitudes toward health and “healthy.”

They took note of a presentation by Barbara Katz, president, HealthFocus International, a St. Petersburg, Fla., research firm.


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Most respondents in Katz’s surveys said they’re in good to excellent health. Most surprising though was this: 75% of 700 obese respondents said they’re in good to excellent health.

“It’s not until they feel the consequences [of obesity] that they consider obesity a medical issue,” Katz said.

That the research also focused on what motivates people to adopt healthful lifestyle changes, and that the definition of healthy varies from person to person, was important data, said Roldana Huganir, a Kroger dietitian.

Other supermarket RDs also referenced Katz’s data, and said the meeting itself was helpful by bringing them together with supplier-sponsors and other dietitians.

That’s why Shopping for Health meetings are kept small, said meeting organizer Nancy Piho, president of NTA, a Washington, D.C., communications firm.

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