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H_Mart_store_banner-closeup.jpg H Mart
For H Mart, the AutoStore MFC solution stands to boost online fulfillment of a range of packaged groceries plus fresh and frozen products.

H Mart plans micro-fulfillment center to fuel online grocery

Automated facility to support delivery and pickup for Asian-American grocer

Asian-American supermarket chain H Mart has tapped robotics specialist AutoStore to power a micro-fulfillment center (MFC) to process online grocery orders.

Norway-based AutoStore said Tuesday that it’s working with integrator Bastian Solutions to develop a fully automated MFC to support H Mart’s online grocery operations in Carlstadt, N.J. Like other retailers during the pandemic, H Mart has seen a surge in online grocery ordering and aims to increase capacity.

“ has proven to be an important offering to our customers. enables our customers to experience the food that lets them feel at home, just as when they shop in-store,” H Mart Executive Vice President Vince Colatriano said in a statement. “We’ve partnered with the best automated technology in the field to fulfill our orders quickly and efficiently. We’re excited to work with Bastian Solutions and AutoStore to deliver the highest-quality Asian products to our customers.”


AutoStore is working with integrator Bastian Solutions to build a fully automated MFC (see rendering above) to support H Mart’s online grocery operations in Carlstadt, N.J.

Including AutoStore’s robotics and WMS technologies, the MFC solution is designed to boost fulfillment efficiency for a range of packaged groceries plus fresh and frozen products. AutoStore noted that MFC is scalable and can be installed at the back of a store, allowing the retailer to cut the average distance between the facility and customers and provide both on-demand delivery and in-store pickup services. Pickup kiosks also can be offered at the MFC.

“H Mart’s investment in e-grocery automation will not only help the bottom line of their online business but will also benefit their customer base as a whole,” according to Mike Demko, the head of AutoStore’s MFC business line. “We’re excited to work with Bastian Solutions in providing H Mart a solution that gives them greater operational efficiency and order accuracy, so customers receive exactly what they ordered. 

Lyndhurst, N.J.-based H Mart operates 97 stores in 14 states and offers both traditional Asian and American groceries, including fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood and ready-to-cook items.

The chain offers online grocery delivery through its H Mart Online and H Fresh services, with the latter providing door-to-door delivery of fresh meat, produce, seafood, eggs, milk and other perishables to selected ZIP codes in New York City and northern New Jersey. H Mart began providing third-party same-day delivery via Shipt last fall, and it has offered Instacart delivery since 2016, later expanding the service chainwide in June 2019.  

“As a global partner, we’ve worked on numerous installations that are successfully operating with the award-winning AutoStore system,” stated Aaron Jones, president of Indianapolis-based Bastian Solutions. “We look forward to integrating AutoStore’s robotics and e-grocery WMS with H Mart’s operations for faster order fulfillment and increased customer satisfaction.”

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