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Tweets From #FutureConnect

Here's what people are tweeting about at Future Connect 2013.

Charmaine Wiggins @charmwigg
Great afternoon of store tours & sampling. Thx to @WinnDixie, @Publix, @Walmart for their hospitality. #FutureConnect

MichaelSansolo @MichaelSansolo
The social web "only changes everything." Great insights at #futureconnect, #ccrrc

Jade Simmons @jadesimmons
@publix Mark Irby reminds us to be mindful of current events so that we aren't posting in an irrelevant or insensitive way #FutureConnect

Kim @thesuburbancook
#1 thing that people talk about on the web is food! Isn't that great?! #futureconnect

Time to engage in social media. Talk like a peer. Be authentic + transparent. #FutureConnect
AWG Advertising @AWGAdvertising
Nice job kicking off #FutureConnect @MichaelSansolo! @CCRRC @FMI_ORG

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