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Wednesday's Tweets From #FutureConnect

Joe @factor31
Just listened to one of the best sessions I have ever attended at the FMI #FutureConnect by Dr. Jack Groppel. Very inspiring.

John Caron @jcaron2
81% of mom's say their fav place to use their smartphone is in line at the Grocery Store. #futureconnect

AWG Corporate @AWGCorporate
Finding the things that don't work generally leads us to the things that do. - Marnette Perry #FutureConnect

Carol Abel @CarolAbel_FMI
Nice crowd filing in for first Collaboration Track breakout session w Mondelez Wakefern Campbell & MyWebGrocer #FutureConnect

RT @SnackFoodAssoc: "To prosper, manufacturing companies must start, and end, with today's shopper - work backwards" #FutureConnect @FMI_ORG

Booz & Company @BoozCompany
Value-seeking behavior is here to stay: 48 million US consumers accept living with less today #futureconnect

@crossmark Millennials and Gen Xers are less concerned about privacy. 'Send me discreet, personalized offers' #FutureConnect

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