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Expo Presentations

Thank you for taking part in “Supermarket News at Expo West: Driving Health and Wellness at Supermarkets.”  We hope that you found our event informative.  Presentations from the half-day of educational sessions can be found below, just click the link and review the PDF.

➨ Presentation #1
Retail Insights

Jay Jacobowitz, president


Lessons from The New Retail Breed: From Sprouts, to Fresh Thyme, to Lucky’s Market, to Mrs. Green’s, the food retail landscape is undergoing a fresh reseeding. What can conventional supermarket retailers learn from the rapid growth of these new natural and organic players? And what lies ahead as the seeds take root?
*Jim Nielsen, COO, Sprouts Farmers Market
*Chris Sherrell, CEO, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
*Jay Jacobowitz, President, Retail Insights, LLC
*Moderator: Jon Springer, Northeast Editor/Retail, Supermarket News

➨ Presentation #2 

Len Monheit
Executive Director, Strategic Development
Direct: (303) 998-9310 

Product Forecasts Using New Crystal Ball: Mainstream retailers can benefit from early warnings about natural products and categories that will become hot. An executive from New Hope Natural Media, organizer of Expo West, will discuss trend forecasts based on a new data and analytics tools that provides an accurate window into what’s ahead.
*Len Monheit, Executive Director/Strategic Development, Nutrition Business Journal/Engredea

➨ Presentation #3  

Winning Partner Collaboration Wellness Centers 
Unifed Grocers

Winning Partnerships: How mainstream food retailers and wholesalers are working with industry and community partners to drive effective health and wellness strategies aimed at specific customer bases.
*Margaux Drake, Living Well Lifestyle Expert, D&W Fresh Market
*John Creed, Category Manager for Natual Frozen and Dairy, Unified Grocers
*Moderator: Julie Gallagher, Senior Content Editor, Supermarket News


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