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7-Eleven debuts store brand coffee pods

7-Eleven debuts store brand coffee pods

7-Eleven has entered the single-serve coffee category with its 7-Eleven store brand coffee pods for home brewing.

Sold at participating 7-Eleven stores, the coffee pods are available in an 8-pack of flavors that are brewed fresh in-store, including Exclusive Blend, 100% Colombian or seasonal Pumpkin Spice, for $3.99, and a two-pack of Exclusive Blend or Pumpkin Spice, for 99 cents.

The 50-cent per cup cost is well below the average single-serve brew cup price of 65 cents, with some national brand brew cups costing as much as $1 each, according to 7-Eleven, headquartered in Dallas.

"Brew cups are the ultimate in convenience for home-brewed coffee, and convenience is the core of 7-Eleven," said Dennis Phelps, VP, fresh foods and proprietary beverages, in a statement. "Convenience wasn't the only goal when we developed our new brew cups. We wanted to make sure we offered the same delicious coffee available in our stores at a great value."

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