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Del Monte Does the Fruit Monty

Del Monte Does the Fruit Monty

Del Monte is exposing everything it’s got starting today — everything about its fresh produce products, nutrition, recipe ideas and healthful lifestyle advice.

del_monte.jpgThe Coral Gables, Fla.- based company today is launching, a new consumer website that profiles the company’s products and shows how they can fit into a healthful lifestyle. Del Monte has been hanging onto the highly desirable domain name for quite some time now, and it’s the first time it’s being used to full advantage. The launch is actually part of a larger, multifaceted communications platform, but the consumer web program is among the first to be introduced.

The new site is divided into four sections: Products, Recipes, Nutrition and Fitness and a Kids Corner. The latter two are the most interactive. Nutrition and Fitness is overseen by Tracey Ryan, a registered dietician, and Bryan Fedor, a personal trainer; while Kids Corner includes games that carry a nutrition message.

Some might say it’s a bit late for Del Monte to be coming around with a consumer web site like this. But let’s face it: Consumers need all the help they can get, and with such a simple domain name to remember, will become popular soon enough.