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Expo West 2013: Savory Gets Funky

Expo West 2013: Savory Gets Funky

One sip of the tomato mint tea brought it all home: Savory is the It flavor this year at Expo West.

More than a few interesting savory flavors turned up in the most unique places during my tour of the pre-expo Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace… including that tea from Numi Organics. The company is debuting an entire line of deep flavors. Besides the tomato mint there are beet cabbage and broccoli cilantro combinations that are actually quite flavorful and not at all misplaced in a fluid base. Numi reps note that the seven-SKU line is not just for drinking but cooking as well.

A few tables down we found Simple Squares. The company was founded two years ago and makes snack bars with five ingredients: Nuts. Honey. Vanilla. Sea Salt. Herbs. The first products out included a sage and a rosemary flavored bar. Founder Kimberly Crupi Dobbins said she intentionally sought out the savory profile for her first items in order to differentiate them from competitors. In this sense she was ahead of the times. At this year’s show Simple Squares is introducing a ginger-flavored bar.

We also found savory at the Pastry Smart station. The company has been baking artisan pastries since 2006 and is at the show this year with Le Culture  — a line of par-baked breads for retail. What’s notable is the Pastry Smart line-up this year. It includes three organic corn cakes and savory scones with flavors like cheddar and jalapeno… mushroom thyme… and rosemary garlic.

Just the thing to savor with your spinach chive tea.

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