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FMI: Now With Tagline

“Feeding Families and Enriching Lives” is the new tagline for Food Marketing Institute, an organization that until now didn’t have a tagline. Leslie Sarasin, FMI’s president and chief executive officer, said the new slogan encapsulates the best of what its members contribute to society.

"This concept of feeding families and enriching lives is so important in your daily work," Sarasin told attendees at the Speaks event Tuesday. "During my 18 months at the helm of FMI I've had the opportunity to visit many of you in your stores and meet many of your associates. During my travels, I've seen that those stores that work best with the communities are the very stores that are embedded in the everyday lives of their shoppers."

Along with a redesigned logo and a soon-to-be-unveiled website redesign, the tagline will help better define FMI, Sarasin said. And the changes come at a time when member companies need to take a new look at how they interact with customers given the effects of the economic downturn.

"It's not that you have a different audience," Sarasin said of changing consumer behavior. "It's that your audience is acting differently."