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Fresh Summit 2012: Taking Produce Personally

Here at SN I’ve recently covered some of the hot trends in produce — from new packaging concepts to consumers’ fascination with kale — but now I’m headed straight to the source for PMA’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, Calif.

This will be my first time at Fresh Summit, and I’m looking forward to attending some of the sessions that speak to my own shopping preferences and values. As a member of the Millennial generation, I’m intrigued to see what “Closing the Gap: Engaging Multiple Generations in Today’s Dynamic Marketplace” has to say about marketing techniques that appeal to customers of all ages.

And having made a real effort to buy local or organic produce over the past year, “Capitalize on Your Sustainability Efforts: Reach a Consumer Base That Cares and Buys” should be interesting to see how retailers are catering to consumers like me. My neighborhood grocery store  part of a small, New York-based chain that in the past was not exactly known as an innovator  recently started selling local milk and labeling the origins of its produce.

One session that seems especially timely is “Top Health Trends to Shape Produce Profitability.” With all of the recent news stories about the benefits (or potential lack thereof) of organic and a nationwide push for more fresh produce in schools and on dinner plates, there are a lot of ways the produce department can take advantage of health concerns and boost its presence in stores.

Go to the Fresh Summit landing page for more blog posts, galleries and news.

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