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Gigantic superapples for all

A giant green apple with a superhero crest adorns the cover of the current issue of Supermarket News (copies are available on site if you are here at Expo West -- just ask!). The superapple illustrates the phenomenon of retailers built specifically to capitalize of the now exploding health and wellness trend, and the implications of their rapid growth for what we consider conventional supermarket retailers.

Thursday at Expo West, that article comes to life as three speakers who figure prominently in the story -- Jim Nielsen, COO of Sprouts Farmers Market, Chris Sherrell, CEO of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, and natural products consultant Jay Jacobowitz -- join me for a panel discussion on the topic. Details are here. They're all good apples, so you shouldn't miss it.

Read more: SN's coverage of Natural Products Expo West

My agenda at Expo West otherwise is to get a feel from exhibitors and attendees where they see the future going, particularly as it relates to retail and the supermarket channel. I'm going to be visiting some stores -- including a nearby Sprouts -- and a lot of booths -- and would be happy to hear your take. I'll also be tweeting it @SN_Springer and blogging here, so feel free to reach out.

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