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Marketing Tips for N&O Private Label

Marketing Tips for N&O Private Label

If you’re fretting about the national drop in sales of natural and organic items, realize there are options — not only for you on the sales side, but your customers. Private label organics should continue to do well or better in 2009, according to our own Mambo Sprouts 2009 trend survey. Virtually all natural and organic (N&O) consumers surveyed said they plan to buy the same (56%) or more (40%) store brand/private label products in the coming year.

Lower price (76%) was the dominant reason for buying store brand/private label organics. Over half the respondents thought these products were the same quality as brand name options.

wbn.jpgThat said, consumers aren’t giving up organics in 2009 (8 in 10 plan no changes or only minor adjustments in their N&O purchasing). But, they are looking for producers and retailers to help them buy on a budget.

Nine in 10 respondents requested more organic coupons (91%) and lower prices for organics (88%) to help them maintain their N&O purchasing habits. About half looked to retailers to offer a wider selection of organic products (54%) and tips on saving money when buying organics (51%).

Since virtually all (99%) N&O consumers report buying private label products — at least on occasion — expanding private label stock is one way to address those requests. To help consumers make healthy purchasing decisions, consider the following for your consumer communications and point-of-sale signage:

• Explain the use of common category terms such as natural, organic, free-range, grass-fed, cage-free, fair trade, and shade grown.

• List fresh produce items most and least likely to carry pesticide residue.

• Create a seasonal organics display to highlight organic produce items at their lowest price.

• Include a dedicated organics section in your sales flyer to build awareness and help consumers locate the best deals.