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Predictions Top Blog Posts of 2013

Predictions Top Blog Posts of 2013

The most popular blog posts for 2013 took on the year's biggest breaking news and trends from Kroger's purchase of Harris Teeter to cotton candy-flavored grapes.  

1. Viewpoints: The Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2013
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert made predictions for 2013, including the growing importance of breakfast, the rise of snacking and the food industry focus on Millennials and male shoppers. 

2. SN Social: Harris Teeter Adds Fuel to Facebook Flame
After Kroger announced it would be acquiring Harris Teeter, SN's Liz Webber called attention to the way Harris Teeter responds to customer concerns on social media. 

3. SN Social: Retailers Reassure Customers On Cotton Candy Grapes
Supermarkets addressed consumer worries that the new cotton candy grapes were genetically modified. 

4. SN Social: Analyst Predicts Top Food Trends for 2014
Kazia Jankowski, associate director of the Sterling Rice Group, Boulder, Colo., shared her 2014 predictions with SN's John Springer. Look for less dairy and more steaming. 

5. Refresh: What Makes Greek Yogurt “Greek”?
With Greek yogurt's sky-rocketing sales, this blog post investigates what's Greek about Greek yogurt. 

6. Viewpoint: How Much Will Amazon ‘Disrupt’ Grocery?
SN Editor-in-chief David Orgel looks at how much danger the retail giant will pose to the food industry.  


7. Viewpoints: Albertsons Move Sparks Great Loyalty Debate
David Orgel asks, "Do you need a card to win in the marketplace?"

8. Viewpoints: Danny Wegman's Urgent Message on Health Initiatives">
The column starts with David Orgel warning readers of the blunt assertions included from Danny Wegman.


9. Refresh: MOM's Kicks Out Kiddy Advertising
MOM's Organic Market decides all advertising to children is bad advertising. 

10. SN Social: A Closer Look at the FDA Antibiotic Report
SN's Jenna Telesca digs through the nitty gritty of the Food and Drug Administration's report on antimicrobial resistance found in retail meat. 


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