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SN takes deeper dive in 2015

SN takes deeper dive in 2015

We’ve all had 15 years to get used to the 21st century, but I’m not sure that’s happened yet. The pace of change has quickened each year, impacting everything from consumer behavior to company strategies and making business decisions more difficult.

This continues into 2015, when retailers are focused on shifts in technologies, food trends and the competitive landscape. But these executives aren’t always as cognizant of their own fast-changing needs, especially for real-time and analytical information to help them deal with all this transformation.

SN recognizes this, and a year ago we unveiled new content plans to meet this challenge. This included new data on price competition by market, more online galleries showing store tours and layouts, and new topic-specific e-newsletters. For 2015 we’re taking an even deeper dive with more new directions:

• Enhanced Top 75 ranking: SN’s industry-leading roster of the biggest retailers and wholesalers has a new methodology to include a wider variety of retailers across channels, including, drugstores and a Korean grocer. In addition, editors have packed the list with substantially more information about each company, such as top leaders, website and contact information.

• New fresh foods survey: We’re adding to our existing roster of annual surveys with one focused on the surging fresh foods business, to appear in May. This research piece will explore the outlook for sales increases and explore the biggest future growth segments. It will delve into important questions, such as whether fresh foods will continue to take more shelf space from packaged foods.

• Power 50 makeover: One of SN’s signature annual pieces is the Power 50 roster of the most influential people. That feature will undergo a radical revision in 2015 by focusing on disruptors in the food retail space. Who are they? Do they mostly come from within or outside the industry? How successful have they been to date? I won’t answer these questions now, but I’ll give you one hint: This Power 50 list will not be anything like the previous ones.

• Updated magazine format: We’ve updated SN magazine’s design and content to accompany a new monthly frequency for this year. Readers are increasingly looking to print for insight and analysis, even as they seek news and other real-time content from us online. As such, the magazine now brings together our most popular content from the industry’s leading content team — including outlooks, columns, profiles, rankings, category pieces, regional reports, point-counterpoint debates and picture pages — into a must-read monthly package.


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Meanwhile, SN continues to step up its online real-time information, with more enterprise content that includes second-day and second-week followups to major stories. Some 230,000 unique visitors come to our website each month, by far the highest number in the industry, and SN is unique among food retail media brands in doing this type of site-traffic audit.

More of you are finding our content through mobile devices and via links shared by our 25,000 social media followers. You are viewing this in many forms, including articles, galleries, videos, curated pieces and blogs.

Our frequency is now 24-7 across multiple platforms. We’re here whenever, wherever and however you need us.

We hope you’ll visit often in 2015. That’s one thing that shouldn’t change.

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