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Snack Attack

Snack Attack

SNACK TIME WILL ALWAYS BE about mindless noshing for some, but more Americans are approaching these occasions with satiety, and particularly protein, in mind.

At a time when shoppers are looking to maximize their gratification, protein-rich snack sales are up 7.6%, according to SymphonyIRI Group's “State of the Snack Industry” report.

“Protein is one of those nutritional components that really targets hunger, and that's helping to drive growth in the segment,” Susan Viamari, editor of SymphonyIRI's Times & Trends told SN.

Snack/granola bars and yogurt may be trending highest, but protein and fiber sources that more closely resemble salty snacks are making an impression on dietitians. Among them are chips with new bases like black beans and plantains.

Beanitos black bean chips tout 2½ times the protein of corn and potato chips. Available at H-E-B, Hannaford and Kroger, each serving has 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.

Whole Foods, Winn-Dixie and others source Turbana plantain chips, which boast 30% less fat than potato chips and greater satiety.

“Plantains really fill you so you're not going to feel hungry an hour after the snack,” said Marion Tabard, marketing director for Turbana.