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Jan. 14, 2013: Retailers Slowly Transition to New Refrigerants

R-22, the predominant supermarket refrigerant that is targeted for elimination by the government by 2020, still accounts for 39.7% of the refrigerants (by weight) used by eight food retailers across 2,445 stores, according to an SN survey. The survey, conducted last fall, queried retailers on a range of refrigeration practices, including use of R-22 and other refrigerants, type of refrigeration system used, leak rate, plans to transition away from R-22 and HFC refrigerants, and use of glass doors on cases, among other questions. It elicited responses from 10 retailers encompassing 4,267 stores, though most of the responses came from nine companies consisting of 2,495 stores. The survey results represent one of the first efforts to publicly report on the refrigeration practices of U.S. supermarket companies, who are typically reluctant to share this information for public consumption. The responding companies were not asked to identify themselves.

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