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Gelsons_2022_wines.jpeg Gelson's Market

Gelson's Market adds to own-brand wine collection

SoCal grocer debuts four new wines from chief vintner Julien Fayard

On Thursday, November 10 at 6 p.m., Gelson's will host an Online Wine Pairing with the renowned, award-winning Provence-turned-Napa winemaker. Customers who wish to participate in the Zoom can purchase three of the new wines (Chardonnay, Merlot, Epicure Cabernet) and Gelson's Custom Cheese & Charcuterie Plate and RSVP at

The quartet of new Gelson's Wines includes:

  • Reserve Chardonnay, Carneros ($32.99): Produced in a region at the crossroads of Napa and Sonoma Valley, this 2021 single-vineyard blend, made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, offers notes of ripe apple and boasts enticing fruit depth, richness and complexity which derives from aging on the lees in French oak barrels. A prime choice for special occasions or impromptu get-togethers.
  • Reserve Merlot, Coombsville ($34.99): Bold and elegant, this 2020 Merlot hails from Coombsville, an area known for producing soft and lush reds with its cool climate and minerally volcanic soils. A sumptuous wine characterized by formidable structure, plush texture and an intense spice on the nose and on the palate, this 100% Merlot aged in oak barrels will appeal to connoisseurs of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon alike.
  • Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($34.99): With a blend of grapes from several AVAs, this 2020 full-bodied and complex 100% Cabernet Sauvignon represents the best of Napa Valley winemaking. Traditional fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks and 22-month aging in new French oak barrels have produced a superb wine with dark fruit aromas, ripe blackberry flavors with hints of cedar and spices, and a long smooth finish enabled by silky tannins and firm texture.
  • Epicure Cabernet Sauvignon, Yountville ($79.99): From Yountville, the birthplace of Napa Valley wine, comes this truly extraordinary 2020 single-vineyard offering. The grapes are meticulously fermented and aged in 100% new French oak barrels, lending hints of spice and creating balanced structure. A distinct expression of its terroir, this impressive Cab commands attention with its purple hue, multi-layer flavor and pleasing aromas. The taste is supple yet concentrated, creating an instant Napa classic.

"Since Gelson's first asked me to collaborate on its wine collection back in 2017, I have been delighted that our shared high standards of excellence are so well-matched," said Fayard. "We are especially pleased to release this latest quartet of Napa Valley wines, all elegant and delicious, for the sophisticated Gelson's customer."

Gelson's currently operates 27 full-service specialty grocery stores in Southern California, embodying the highest standards in quality and customer service, to offer the ultimate grocery shopping experience.  Visit

About Fayard Winemaking
Fayard Winemaking is the consulting business of Julien Fayard, one of Napa Valley's most respected winemakers producing California varietals with French finesse. Together with his team, Fayard not only directs the winemaking, but often business development as well for more than a dozen brands including ATC Wines, Beau Vigne, Brandon Gregory Estate, BRION, Caspar Estate, Covert Estate, Cultivar, Danica Patrick's Somnium, Fondugues, Gelson's Reserve, Le Pich and Purlieu, Lorenzi Estate, Mithra, Nicholson Jones, Patel, Rubia Wine Cellars, Scalon, Skinner Vineyards, and Wine Access' Idiosyncrasy and Commission labels. For more information about Fayard Winemaking, visit

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