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Workers in the program receive the same benefits and perks as traditional hourly employees within the St. Louis-based company.

Schnucks now offers flexible work shifts for employees. Here’s why they’re doing it.

The company’s vice president of store operations talks about the what and why of the move

Schnucks recently announced that select St. Louis-area stores will offer hourly workers a flex assignment option, meaning they will be able to mix and match shifts and store locations that best fit their personal schedules. 

The program, “Schnucks Flexforce,” rolled out Monday. Hourly employees who opt into the program will be able to log into a Schnucks scheduling app to view and claim open shifts and, if they choose, can also opt-in to receive notifications of open shifts.

Flexforce starting pay is $12.85 per hour and is currently reserved for those at least 18 years old. Workers in the program receive the same benefits and perks as traditional hourly employees within the St. Louis-based company.

Here are seven takeaways on the new program from Schnucks’ vice president of store operations, Stacy Brandt:

  1. How does the program work? 

    Stacy Brandt: The Schnucks Flexforce is something new we’re trying. It’s an employment option that allows teammates to choose their shifts and their preferred store locations. Anyone interested in signing up to be part of the Schnucks Flexforce can visit and complete the application process. We do have a hiring and onboarding process for prospective Flexforce teammates. However, once they’re in the system, they’ll have access to a scheduling app where they can view and claim open shifts.
  2. What led Schnucks to offer it, what was the impetus?

    SB: We know that the workforce is evolving and people are looking for different opportunities to pick up shifts that fit their schedule – and it might even help them grow a new career. It helps us to stay relevant and flexible for the modern workforce.
  3. Has the program already been piloted? 

    SB: We began by offering a similar option internally to existing teammates and have now expanded it to our St. Louis-metro area stores on the Missouri side of the river, specifically those stores where we have contracts in place with UFCW Local 655. We hope to roll out to additional areas in the future.
  4. Which employees are eligible?

    Flexforce is a new classification of Schnucks hourly teammates. There is also the ability for our current teammates to pick up shifts across our other locations as well. 

  5. Is there a different wage scale for the Flexforce employees?

    SB: Wages will progress based on hours worked at the same rate as current teammates. Our Flexforce teammates receive the same benefits and perks as current Schnucks teammates. 
  6. What benefits does Schnucks expect from the program?

    SB: This will help us ensure we have teammates in the right place at the right time taking care of our customers. It also allows us to tap into a pool of prospective teammates who are looking for flexible shift times and locations that Flexforce offers along with the opportunity to earn extra income. 
  7. Did Schnucks work with the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) union on this program?

    SB: Flexforce really is a partnership with our UFCW Local 655 union teammates, and we’re excited to be innovating together on this project as we head into the busy holiday season. Flexforce is an option we hope to roll out to additional areas in the future as we work with more of our union partners.


Is this program something that would work in your company or store? Let us know why / why not in the comments. 

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