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Map: Ban Together

New York City plans to enact a ban on sugar-sweetened beverages in containers larger than 16 ounces. Yet, this is not the first ban on products affecting retailers. Each pin on the map below describes recent bans enacted or proposed pertaining to plastic bags, bottled water, BPA-coated receipts, salt limits, BPA in baby bottles, plastic foam containers, foie gras, energy drinks and sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Click each of the nine pins for details on different bans enacted in recent years. View a bigger map by clicking here.

9 Bans Affecting Supermarkets — See Map for Details

U.S.: Ban on Use of BPA in Baby Bottles and Cups Chicago: Proposed Energy Drink Ban California: Ban of Foie Gras: Senate Bill No. 1520
West Hollywood, Calif.: Ban of Single-Use Plastic Bags Suffolk County, N.Y.: Ban of BPA-Coated Receipt Paper New York: Salt Reduction Initiatives
New York: Ban of Soda in Containers Larger Than 16 Ounces New York: Proposed Ban of Plastic Foam Food Packaging Concord, Mass.: Banned Sale of Bottled Water in 1 Liter or Less Sized Containers
Images by Jim Haines
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