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Walmart_McClaren_Angus_beef.png Walmart
The McClaren Farms Angus beef will be sold at nearly 500 Walmart stores in five Southeastern states.

Walmart launches McClaren Farms Angus beef line

Premium fresh meat marks first offering from retailer’s self-developed beef supply chain

Walmart has launched a premium line of Angus beef under the McClaren Farms label at nearly 500 stores in the Southeast.

In announcing the rollout yesterday, Walmart said McClaren Farms marks the first offering from its end-to-end Angus beef supply-chain program unveiled in April 2019. The program is aimed at providing Walmart customers with a selection of high-quality beef as well as added transparency and sustainability in sourcing.

The McClaren Farms line includes specialty cuts such as USDA Choice Angus filet mignon, T-bone, porterhouse, ribeye, short ribs and chuck roast, among other beef selections, at everyday low prices. All of the products are U.S. rancher-raised with no hormones added, Walmart said.

Walmart stores offering McClaren Farms beef are located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina.

“The grocery business is always changing, and customers’ expectations are higher than ever,” David Baskin, vice president of meat at Walmart, said in a statement. “Our end-to-end Angus beef supply chain is an industry-leading innovation that allows us to deliver high-quality Angus beef, like McClaren Farms, to our customers.”


Walmart's end-to-end Angus beef supply-chain program aims to provide high-quality beef plus added transparency and sustainability in sourcing.

When unveiling the Angus beef program, Walmart noted that it’s adding visibility into each step in the supply chain by partnering with best-in-class suppliers. Fourth-generation Texas rancher Bob McClaren of Prime Pursuits is sourcing cattle raised on family farms and ranches. Mc6 Cattle Feeders is feeding the cattle, while Creekstone Farms is processing the cattle at its facility. Also, FPL Foods is operating Walmart’s case-ready packing facility in Georgia, where the meat gets packaged and sent to stores.

Walmart added that the new supply chain model with McClaren Farms also supports ranchers by creating steady demand and stability in the marketplace.

“No bigger paradigm change has taken place in the beef industry than what is happening with Walmart, bringing truly high-quality, all-natural, no-hormones-added Black Angus beef to its customers,” according to McClaren. “This bold vision gives Walmart a special place at the table by contributing to the most enjoyable and memorable moments in the lives of its customers.”

Last August, Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart announced a new set of goals for Walmart  U.S. and Sam’s Club to source beef products more sustainably. The effort is part of the company’s commitment to sourcing 20 key commodities more sustainably by 2025.

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