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Consumers uncertain about economy.png Getty Images

Consumers feeling less confident about the economy

Numerator report shows shoppers looking to save money with coupons, cooking, and sales

Consumer confidence on jobs, non-essential spending, and the ability to make ends meet dipped last month, according to a Numerator’s April Consumer Confidence report.

The April score came in at 56.9, down less than half a point (0.4), compared to a month prior.

Two out of five consumers said it is very or somewhat easy to find a job, and 27% said it's somewhat or very difficult. 

Meanwhile, the percentage of consumers who said their financial situation is good dropped one percentage point to 48% for the month, and 17% said their finances are poor or very poor (up 2% month over month).

Forty-one percent said they are comfortable with discretionary spending, while roughly a third said they’re putting their spare cash into savings (36.3%) and paying debts (32.9%).

Consumers are looking to save money with coupons and discount codes (43.7%), cooking their own meals at home (42.9%), and looking for products on sale (42.7%).

The April Financial Outlook Score was down about half a point (0.4) to 50.5, which suggests they feel neutral about their finances. 

They have a cautious outlook into the future, according to the report, with 24% reporting they believe their finances will be better in a year, 52% believing they will be the same, and 23% worried they will worsen.

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