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Is Wegmans planning a 2nd Manhattan location?

The grocer’s chairman signed on a space, but no word yet as to plans

Wegmans may be in the process of planning a second Manhattan location, but plans for the space are still unclear, according to the grocer.

Currently, Wegmans only Manhattan location is located at Vornado’s 770 Broadway, the former site of the Astor Place Kmart. That store opened its doors in October 2023 and Wegmans has a 30-year lease on the space. 

The grocery chain’s chairman, Danny Wegman, signed a lease for 58,874 square feet at a former Bed Bath & Beyond location at 1932 Broadway, Wegmans confirmed. 

The grocer said that, shortly after Wegmans committed to Astor Place, the 1932 Broadway space became available. But the timing wasn’t right; the grocer was then focused on getting its new Astor location designed, permitted, and open to the public.

Bed Bath & Beyond vacated the Broadway space following the company’s bankruptcy in early 2023. Wegmans was then able to secure the location.

Exact plans for the space are not known, according to a spokesperson for the chain.

“Prior to opening our Astor Place store, we were working with Glenwood to lease the space at 1932 Broadway. When that didn’t pan out, we had the opportunity to sign the lease for Astor Place,” a spokesperson for Wegmans told Supermarket News. “Following the Astor Place opening, Danny Wegman learned the 1932 Broadway space was still available. He restarted negotiations and recently signed a long-term lease for the space.”

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