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Wegmans heeds shoppers' sunscreen warnings

Wegmans is taking safety precautions with its newly launched private label sunscreen pouches on the advice of shoppers, according to a Fresh Stories blog post by Mary Ellen Burris, Wegmans’ SVP of consumer affairs.

Here a customer posted a complaint about the sunscreen on Twitter.


Burris and her team agreed.

The issue was that these new flexible 3 oz. pouches (Sport SPF 30, SPF 50, and Kids SPF 50) looked alarmingly like pouches that held baby food or applesauce. We immediately sat down with such packages on the table in my office and saw what the problem was. Toddlers could easily confuse the pouches and squeeze the sunscreen into their mouths while the parent or grandparent was distracted for a moment.

Wegmans quickly developed a safety alert shelf sign.

The retailer ordered special safety caps for its existing packaging.  

We know there could still be confusion once the safety seal is removed  but we'll continue to work on better solutions. At your store, it’s possible that you may see on the shelf some pouches with the new protective seal but some of the original cap inventory may also remain. No small children in the household: no problem. The small size pouches are a big hit with travelers (no TSA issues) and sun-seekers to carry in their backpack or purse.

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