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Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 4.15.52 PM.png Bill Wilson
Amazon will offer the private label brand on its site starting this summer.

Amazon will now sell Whole Foods 365

The move follows a string of strategic maneuvers by Amazon in the grocery sector

Shoppers will soon be able to order Whole Foods 365 private label brand on Amazon, reports the Austin American-Statesman. 

The delivery giant will offer the private label brand on its site starting this summer, and will also offer up to 15% off recurring orders that include 365 by Whole Foods Market, a brand which has over 3,500 products.

Amazon announced at the start of the year that it was going to become a serious player in the grocery sector, but until recently the company was only showing signs of retreat in that sector. Layoffs and Amazon Fresh store closings were the main grocery news coming from Amazon during the first and second quarters, but early August saw a pivot towards more grocery offerings.

Amazon now offers fresh food delivery to non-Prime members, stores have been remodeled, and new tech, like Amazon One palm payment, will now be available in Whole Foods stores.

During Amazon’s most recent earnings call, the company saw a 4.2% increase in ecommerce sales and a 6.4% physical store bump.

With Prime Day cranking out record sales numbers in mid-July, Amazon is forecasting as much as a 13% increase in third quarter sales.


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