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Private label accounts for 17.8% of total CPG spend, down slightly in the second quarter of 2023 vs YA (-0.4 percentage points). 

Kroger’s Smart Way is the fastest growing private label brand

And Amazon and Aldi aren’t far behind…

Numerator continues to track purchase data and survey verified buyers to understand shifts in consumer behavior. The company’s Private Label Trends dashboard provides insight on private label manufacturers across channels, consumer groups ,and categories. Here’s what they learned: 

  1. Private label accounts for 17.8% of total CPG spend, down slightly in the second quarter of 2023 vs. YA (-0.4 percentage points)
  2. The baby (+0.42 points) and pet (+0.32 points) sectors saw private label dollar share increases in Q2 of 2023, while health and beauty (-0.63 points), grocery (-0.4 points) and household (-0.17 points) saw decreases
  3. Purchasing private label to save money is more likely among high-income and middle-income households (37.9% and 39.1% of consumers surveyed, respectively) compared to low-income households (31.7%)
  4. The sentiment that price is more important than brand name is most common among low-income consumers (30.3% vs. 27.2% for all consumers)
  5. Select categories like wine, cheese, disposable diapers, and pet food are seeing private label share increases. All tracked categories in the health and beauty sector saw slight private label share declines in the latest quarter
  6. Walmart and Costco remain the private-label leaders across all tracked retailers (28.2%and 14.9% share, respectively)
  7. Looking at household penetration, Smart Way (+4.5 points), Amazon Basics (+1.5 points), and Aldi (+1.4 points) are the top three fastest-growing CPG private label brands in Q2 of 2023
  8. The most popular CPG private label brands by household penetration are: Great Value (72%), Equate (53.1%), Marketside (46.8%), Freshness Guaranteed (41.4%) and Walmart (32.7%)
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