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Farmers’ markets: Closed but not forgotten

Farmers’ markets: Closed but not forgotten

Local farmers’ markets are closed for the season across much of the US – but make no mistake, many shoppers, including some of your customers, will be counting down the days until they reopen next spring.

Taking a bite of out of your business

The recent U.S. Supermarket Experience 2014 report by The Retail Feedback Group reveals just how important the competition from farmers’ markets has become.

• Almost 80% of today’s shoppers purchase items at a farmers’ market at least occasionally.

• Farmers’ markets are the main place people shop when they don’t buy produce from the supermarket — not the fresh stores like Sprouts or club stores like Costco and Sam's.

The farmers’ market experience has raised the bar for shoppers who believe the produce is fresher and that their purchases support the local economy. It’s yet another example of how specialized retailers are taking a sliver of the traditional supermarket business, and those slivers add up. 

Consider this a wakeup call. 

Produce shoppers, particularly the ones that buy the most, are finding a lot of what they like in farmers’ markets. Now that you know, the ball’s in your court. You have three options - Do you ignore them? Fight them? Or join them? 

To me, the last two options are the only real ones.

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