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Dorothy Lane Readies for Local Club

DAYTON, Ohio — Dorothy Lane Market has launched its third-annual local food club.

Members can buy weekly boxes of locally grown and produced food and beverages. They can sign up for one or two eight-week sessions running from June 6 to July 25 or Aug. 1 to Sept. 19. A basic membership includes weekly deliveries of a small produce box ($20 per week) that feeds two people; or large produce box ($30) that feeds four.

Members can then “add-on” other categories, including meat (an extra $25 per week), such as ground grass-fed beef, grass-fed stew beef and chicken; dairy ($6) including butter and eggs; and wine and beer ($14).

“By buying up front, we ensure you will receive the best that local farmers have to offer,” Dorothy Lane says in promotional materials.

Ron Williams, the program's creator and produce manager for Dorothy Lane's Washington Square store, will hand-select a box of the retailer's best local products. Members choose from which of Dorothy Lane’s three locations they will pick up their boxes.

The signup web page includes a link to a Google earth map that highlights the local farms and producers used in the program.

Produce items will depend on what's in season. For instance, fruit in the early weeks of the summer will be strawberries. As the season progresses, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, apples and muskmelons will become available.

Each box will contain a description of each product, the company that provided it and recipe suggestions.

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