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What aren’t you telling your customers?

What aren’t you telling your customers?

There’s a huge opportunity in front of practically every retailer we know: It’s powerfully telling your untold stories.

Stew Leonard’s merchandising tells the stories of its unique products.
Stew Leonard’s communicates the uniqueness of its products.

We are constantly amazed as we visit retailers how many great things that they are doing that their customers aren’t aware of. We call these untold stories and they provide a great opportunity to talk to customers about what’s unique and different about your company. And, in a world where it is increasingly easy to get to the lowest price, communicating how you’re different becomes mission critical.

Determining the best untold stories requires a bit of detective work and also prioritizing what’s truly important (we can’t tell ALL of our stories). Some examples might include:

  • Are you operating a scratch bakery?
  • Do you have unique signature products or recipes?
  • Do you grind your hamburger meat several times a day or have skilled butchers?
  • Do you participate in community events or partake in local charitable efforts?
  • Do you have great stories to tell about your associates or the company’s heritage?
  • Did your buyer travel the world to find a great new product? Or, around the neighborhood to encourage local suppliers?
Trader Joe’s tells “our story” to explain what makes its products different.
Trader Joe’s tells “our story” to explain what makes its products different.

You probably get the idea. But, surprisingly, most stories in a typical supermarket remain surprisingly untold. Who does it well? Stew Leonard’s does a spectacular job of highlighting the unique products and the unique suppliers that make their shopping experience special. The store is truly a theater. Trader Joe’s, through its Fearless Flyer and in-store communications, lets customers know why their products are different. Dorothy Lane Market does a great job of highlighting community involvement and signature products.

New tools like social media and mobile marketing open up more avenues than in-store signing or employee communications. There is a rich canvas of communications now available.

Every retailer is doing something. But, we suspect that almost every retailer can do better. Untold stories are so much better if your customer knows about them.

What’s your untold story?

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