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Homeland to Offer Groupon-Style Deals

OKLAHOMA CITY — Homeland Stores here has agreed to offer deeply discounted, Groupon-style deals on major and local brands to customers as the 76-store chain launches its new One Card loyalty program.

The deals are offered via Aisle50, Chicago, on its website, To take advantage of any offers, shoppers would buy a promoted product at the discounted price — say $6 for two boxes of cereal that would normally cost $10 — using a credit card; at the same time, the deal would be loaded onto the shopper’s One Card loyalty card. At their next trip to Homeland, the shoppers would purchase the promoted product at the regular price ($10), but would actually be charged nothing except tax.

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The Homeland store would be electronically reimbursed for the $10 by the manufacturer within a few weeks; thus, there is no cost to the retailer. Aisle50, in turn, would reimburse the manufacturer for the discounted price ($6), less 15% to 20% that it keeps for itself. Manufacturers have the ability to cap the number of products available via the deal.

“We’re excited about the rollout of our new One Card, and with it, introducing Aisle50 deals to our shoppers,” said Phil Payment, vice president of marketing and merchandising at Homeland, in a statement. “Our goal is to bring the best grocery deals and available technology to our consumers, and Aisle50 fits into that mission well.”

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Aisle50 has also partnered with Lowes Foods, Winston-Salem, N.C., and at least 63 independent Shop ‘n Save stores supplied by a Supervalu warehouse based in New Stanton, Pa.

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