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New Raley’s Pact Expands Union Access

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Raley’s here said its employees have ratified new contracts that will allow the United Food and Commercial Workers to organize the 22 non-union stores in the chain.

The back-and-forth contract negotiations, which lasted more than a year, led to the first strike in Raley’s history in November. A tentative agreement ended the strike after about 10 days, but UFCW Locals 5 and 8 then impounded the contract-ratification votes, saying the company had begun implementing the new contract provisions too soon.

A Raley’s spokesman told SN that the union locals have since released the ratification vote totals, and the contract has now been officially approved. Local reports said the two sides agreed to expedited arbitration to settle the dispute.

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“We are happy it has been ratified,” said John Segale, the Raley’s spokesman. “It gives us the flexibility and cost savings that are needed for the long term.”

According to a report in the Sacramento Bee, Raley’s workers will no longer receive bonus pay for Sunday and holiday shifts. The costs of the health care plan will also rise.

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