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Retailers Cautioned on Immigration Rules

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — An attorney who specializes in labor employment law warned retailers to be careful about the actions they take prior to passage of reformed immigration laws, which he said could come before the end of the year.

"Reform is not yet a done deal, and you have a duty to make sure your employees understand that," Jacob Monty, managing partner in Monty/Ramirez Law, Houston, told the 29th annual conference of the Mexican American Grocers Association here Wednesday.

His suggestions included:

• "There is no amnesty coming, and E-verify will become mandatory, so start maintaining those I-9 forms now for each employee."

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• "Make sure your pay procedures are in order because the Department of Labor is looking for employers who are not paying properly."

• "If an employee says he needs to correct his identity in your records, keep the old I-9 forms and fill out new ones for his new identity, to provide a defense about prior knowledge of his status should you need one."

• "Assess your current policies on letters you write for employees who may have to provide proof they have been U.S. residents for a certain period, probably seven years."

• "Don't falsify employment data."

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