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The store, which will be in the Western Addition, is scheduled to open in 2025.

A controversy no more, Whole Foods store in San Francisco is set to open

Residents were concerned about air quality, but Board of Supervisors say it’s OK

A new Whole Foods Market in San Francisco has finally received the green light after residents raised concerns about air quality. The store, which will be in the Western Addition, is scheduled to open in 2025, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Back in 2020 the city’s Planning Commission said plans for the store did not need to have an environmental review, but the Board of Supervisors rejected the claim and required one.

The decision divided the community, with some residents saying the review process could take years and prevent new jobs from opening up (which were badly needed during the pandemic), and others complaining about the air quality due to an increase in car and truck traffic.

The Board of Supervisors ended up not finding any significant environmental concerns, and the Planning Commission is expected to approve plans in the coming weeks.

San Francisco, however, has not been a friendly spot for Whole Foods stores. Back in April a location in downtown San Francisco was closed due to concerns over employee safety.

The 65,000-square-foot Whole Foods store opened last year at Trinity Place in the city’s Mid Market neighborhood, but the company said it opted to close the location to “ensure worker safety,” according to reporting from ABC. All of the employees were transferred to nearby locations.

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