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Dollar Tree store-exterior photo_0_2_0_0_1_0.jpg Dollar Tree
The discount retailer will pay 301 employees over $180,000 and the city over $6,000.

Dollar Tree settles with City of Seattle, workers

The retailer was found allegedly in violation of several labor laws

Dollar Tree and the City of Seattle have come to terms on a settlement of over $186,000, reports The Seattle Medium.

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards investigated Dollar Tree stores for alleged violations of city labor laws. The discount retailer will pay 301 employees over $180,000 and the city over $6,000.

Violations were found at four Dollar Tree locations, involving paid sick time, mandated rest and meal breaks, and the failure to provide workers a two-week notice of work schedules, which is required by Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Ordinance.

“These findings underscore the importance of adherence to labor laws, especially for global companies like Dollar Tree operating in Seattle,” Steven Marchese, director of the Office of Labor Standards, told The Seattle Medium. “Violations impact not just the workers but also their families and the overall economy.”

Dollar Tree has not responded to a request for comment in time for publication of this story.

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