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The project is going through an environmental review process, with an environmental impact report released in early July.

Plans underway for Costco’s largest store yet in Fresno, California

So far, area residents have a number of concerns, including traffic

Some residents in Fresno, Calif., are not thrilled about the idea of building the “world’s biggest Costco” in their community.

The proposed new store, which would replace one three miles away that is 134,000 square feet, was originally only supposed to be 178,000 square feet, reports The Fresno Bee. Costco, however, decided to up the ante behind its latest proposal of 241,000 square feet, which would take up about 22.5 acres. The new store footprint would include 32 gas pumps, an automated car wash, plenty of space for loading/receiving/ storage areas, and a market delivery option.

The size would make it the largest Costco warehouse ever, usurping a store in Salt Lake City, Utah that currently holds that title.

The project is going through an environmental review process, with an environmental  impact report released in early July. There will then be a 45-day public comment period.

Residents of Fresno have expressed concern, mainly due to the traffic the new Costco would generate along Herndon Avenue, a street neighboring the new store. 

Costco is looking for the green light on construction of a private drive from Herndon north to the store site, which has been labeled for community commercial use. However, projected traffic counts could change the site to general commercial.

Air quality and the store’s impact on property values were other concerns raised by residents.

Costco did not respond to a request for comment at time of publication. 



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