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A peek inside Erewhon’s newest location in Santa Monica

The market hopes to promote a social shopping experience for guests

Earlier this week Erewhon Organic Grocer and Cafe opened its fourth store in Santa Monica, Calif. The grocer worked with Retail Design Collaborative (RDC), an architectural firm focused on retail experiences, and design architect Montalba Architects, to bring the space to life.

“We're all about building a community around the store and having people feel like it's their community store. That's kind of something that's lost, at least in Los Angeles today,” said Tony Antoci, CEO of Erewhon.

Using natural light, blending indoor and outdoor spaces, and emphasizing the prepared foods and seating areas were top priorities when designing the new space, which is 10,500 square feet. Erewhon and its collaborators were also thinking about it competitors, both online and offline.

“The social experience that Erewhon provides is the complete opposite of an e-commerce experience,” said David Sheldon at, VP of client engagement at RDC. “You're actually wanting to leave your home to engage in a communal experience over food.”

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