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Podcast: The sudden rise of retail media with grocers

Kroger is launching a strategy of digital screens in the stores, and more will surely follow


Grocery stores are using technology to reach out to shoppers on-site, and over the next couple of years the experience is expected to be completely different compared to how it is today.

In late May, Kroger announced it was expanding its retail media strategy with the addition of digital screens that facilitate video advertising across 500 stores.

Cara Pratt, senior vice president at Kroger Precision Marketing, said the screens will be integrated with the retailer’s 84.51 degrees data science platform “to create an engaging and valuable experience for our customers, associates, and brands.”

Earlier in the year, Cooler Screens conducted a survey that involved 3,750 brick-and-mortar shoppers on the effectiveness of in-store media and digital ads and found:

  • 79% reported a positive impact on their shopping experience
  • 82% found in-store digital ads memorable
  • 56% made unplanned purchases prompted by the ads they saw

So where is this trend heading and how will grocers use the technology to reach customers effectively? Supermarket News Senior Editor Bill Wilson talked with Arsen Avakian, CEO of Cooler Screens, about the movement and where it is headed.

Take a listen.

Have a pitch for the podcast? Reach out at [email protected]. And thanks for listening. 

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