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Retailers Account for Second-Most Data Breaches

NEW YORK — Retailers and restaurants accounted for 24% of all data breaches in 2012, second to financial organizations, which accounted for 37%, according to a new report from Verizon Enterprise Solutions here.

The Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, which tracks cybercrime globally, cited POS terminals as a key point of attack, with POS smash-and-grab incidents comprising 111 of the 621 data breaches captured in the report.

External attacks account for 92% of data breaches, including organized crime, activist groups, former employees, lone hackers and even organizations sponsored by foreign governments, the study said.

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In terms of attack methods, hacking is the No. 1 way breaches occur, a factor in 52% of data breaches. Seventy-six percent of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credentials (user name/password); 40% incorporated malware (malicious software, script or code used to compromise information); 35% involved physical attacks (such as ATM skimming); and 29% percent leveraged social tactics (such as phishing).   

Additionally, the compromise-to-discovery timeline continues to be measured in months and even years, as opposed to hours and days.  Finally, third parties continue to detect the majority of breaches (69%). 

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