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Driving Profitability In Online Grocery

Grocery retailers of all kinds continue to roll out and expand online grocery services, including delivery and pickup, but profitability on these services can be challenging. What do grocers need to do to bring this service into the black? Which retailers are leading the way and how are they doing it?

Join the webinar to hear about:

  • Grocers getting close to making online grocery profitable
  • Challenges of delivery vs pickup
  • Strategy and tips for maximizing online profitability

Uber Speaker.jpgBeryl Sanders
Head of Enterprise Partnerships, Grocery, Liquor, and Retail

SN Speaker 2 .jpgGaurav Pant
Co-Founder & Chief Insights Officer

SN Speaker.jpgChris Miles
Senior Analyst, Grocery Retail Insights

Chloe Riley.jpgChloe Riley
Executive Editor
Supermarket News
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