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Jerky Treats Head Top 10 Grocery Articles of 2013

Jerky pet treats grabbed two of the Top 10 most popular articles in SN's online Center Store coverage this year, and the rest of the list saw a mixed bag of frozen yogurt, snacks, energy drinks, store brands and, surprise surprise, GMOs.

1. Retailers Not Addressing Issue With Jerky Treats

Center Store editor Julie Gallagher reported "it was business as usual in pet food aisles" in the wake of the FDA’s petition to veterinarians and pet owners to help it figure out why the heck jerky treats were making dogs and cats sick.

2. Frozen Greek Yogurt Packs a Protein-Rich Punch

Greek yogurt seems to be everywhere these days — including the supermarket frozen cases. “Nobody wants to get left out of it,” says one researcher about the dairy superstar that’s also available in frozen pints, cups and bars.

3. Consumers Share Key Thoughts on Snack Aisle

An SN consumer focus group revealed that shoppers prefer to have snacks merchandised by product instead of by brand. They also like them arranged by health attributes, and shelf signs help, too. Ed. note: The snacks should also taste good.

4. Pet Activists Distribute Jerky Warnings at Shelf

In a follow-up to grocery’s No. 1 story, SN reported that a Facebook group called Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China is affixing "BEWARE!" warnings (see, there's one right there in the photo) to said pet treats being investigated by the feds.

5. Target Says Hello to Exclusive Line

It should come as no surprise that ever-popular chocolate made our Top 10. This article explains how Target fills incremental shelf space and endcap displays with Lindt premium chocolates geared especially to Millennials, though inside sources insist they weren't turning any generation away.

6. Publix Rolls Out Limited-Edition Ice Cream

The Top 10's shortest story was long on flavors. Who could resist trying black swamp raspberry cheesecake or New Orleans caramel praline? Plenty of Publix customers couldn't last July and August. I should have flown South for the summer.

7. Today’s Man Goes Grocery Shopping

The supermarket has long been a woman’s world, but the middling economy and "a willingness of young men to share in more of the childrearing, food shopping and meal preparation are blurring traditional gender roles." A Center Store feature story.

8. Energy Drinks 'A Bright Spot' for Retailers

Category leaders are, well, energizing energy drinks with packaging and flavor innovations. Double-digit sales increases make it one of the strongest beverage segments.

9. Center Store Survey: GMO Labels, Sales Strategies, Wal-Mart Threat

One of SN’s big projects for 2013 — the annual survey of Center Store performance — shed light on retailer and manufacturer opinions about the contentious GMO labeling, along with sales strategies and the eternal Walmart threat.

10. Store Brands 2013: State of the Industry Report

SN’s Carol Angrisani filed this deep dive into supermarket store brands, devoting lots of ink to healthy choices and disease control, the pet aisle, and the annual Top 10 promotions that are still worth a look nearly 12 months later. (Carol's hard at work on Stores Brands 2014, which will appear here on Jan. 27.)

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