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Summer Is Perfect for Kids and Health

Summer Is Perfect for Kids and Health

With most schools either already or close to finished for the year, this is a great time to focus on cooking for kids.

In case you need a nudge, just consider the opportunities we’re presented with in combining summer with the seemingly constant question, “What can I do now?” Add to the mix outdoor activities like camping and the abundance of fruits and vegetables, and you have plenty of compelling reasons to bring kids into the “kitchen.”

In-store classes are ideal but there may be opportunities to be take your show on the road to local camps or community events. Here are some idea starters on ways you can bring your food and nutrition knowledge to kids:

  • Focus on simple food ideas that fit healthy summer snacking with  “on-the-road” activities like camping or family vacations.
  • Keep it fun, and be aware that “together” time may be short for kids and their parents during the busy summer months.
  • Plan ahead for adult supervision. Although it’s ideal to involve adult and child teams, some adults may like the idea of dropping their child off in a secure location and shopping in the store during the class. Do have permission slips and allergy information signed by adults prior to any classes.
  • If education is part of the plan, be sure to fit the ideas with time, budget and nutrition tips.
  • Get children thinking creatively about in-season ingredients.
  • Use online or “in the aisle” lessons with a focus on selecting ingredients, food safety and nutrition.
  • Hold an event “graduation” and be sure to include certificates to make kids feel special.
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