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Hungryroot launching personalized grocery service

The experimental food company says it’s taking on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods

New York City-based Hungryroot has pivoted from a direct-to-consumer, packaged foods brand to a personalized grocery service. The brand will add other emerging food brand products for sale and use a proprietary algorithm to personalize orders. 

Hungryroot joins other online grocery retailers who aim to target a specific customer niche, such as Thrive Market, Brandless and Farmstead, often utilizing a focus on technology. 

“The two main problems with in-store and online grocery: the experience isn’t personal, and the amount of product and brand offerings are just too overwhelming for consumers,” said CEO and founder of Hungryroot, Ben McKean in a statement.


“We’re taking on Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods and other competitors to offer consumers a more convenient and modern way to shop for healthy groceries—no trip to the store, meal planning, or prep work necessary, giving customers more time back in their day.”

The new website will include a survey where customers can select food preferences and dietary restrictions. Using a proprietary algorithm, Hungryroot can build a custom order based on the survey findings. 

“We’re always looking to meet the demands of our current and potential customers,” said McKean. “With other grocery experiences, consumers have to shop or scroll through thousands of food options and brands to find the product that’s best for them, and then learn how to cook with the product. Through our online grocery service and personalization algorithm, consumers will instead receive a weekly delivery of healthy food options and recipes specifically customized to their personal preferences.” 

The emerging foods Hungryroot will begin selling include plant-based meat from Beyond Meat, chickpea pasta from Banza, and vegetable-based riced from RightRice. The brand will also introduce a collection of 10-minute-and-under recipes featuring products from their marketplace.

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