Whole Health

2015 SN Whole Health Survey


There’s little doubt that health and wellness means business for supermarkets today. But how does that business get done?

Supermarket News’ annual Whole Health Survey is unique in tapping into industry attitudes on the emerging health and wellness trend. In addition to a comprehensive summary of results, this report includes the complete data set and remarks from nearly 250 SN subscribers, representing a cross-section of chain and independent food retailers, manufacturers, brokers, wholesalers and others with a stake in health and wellness in grocery ranging from chefs to health-care professionals. Their responses paint a nuanced picture of attitudes on the wellness trend by those experiencing it in their businesses everyday.

What type of valuable information will you learn from this 37 page survey?
How big an influence will the non-GMO movement have on grocery?
Where are the opportunities to sell local food?
How do I market a wellness message using social media?
How are prices trending in organics?
How will discounters’ entry in the space affect my margins?
Is the allergen-free trend peaking?
SN has the answers, direct from your peers, in this exclusive and insight packed report.


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