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Albertsons Names New Staff

BOISE, Idaho — Albertsons LLC and its newly acquired sister chains here announced the appointments Tuesday of three senior vice presidents and nine division vice presidents.

The new senior vice presidents are Mike Massimino, marketing and merchandising; Rick Bunnell, supply chain; and Justin Ewing, corporate development and real estate.

Massimino, formerly group vice president, center store, for Albertsons LLC, will be responsible for national merchandising strategy and vendor partnership development. He joined the original Albertsons company in 1975.

Bunnell, formerly group vice president, supply chain, for Albertsons LLC, will oversee the company's supply chain operations, which encompass 12 distribution centers.  He joined the original Albertsons company in 1983.


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Ewing, formerly vice president, real estate and development, for Albertsons LLC, joined that company in 2006 after serving on the operations advisory team of Cerberus Capital Management, New York, when it acquired the former Albertsons stores that became Albertsons LLC.

The new division vice presidents for new and legacy operating divisions of AB Acquisition LLC — are as follows:

• Dennis Clark, Acme Markets, who was formerly vice president, merchandising for the Acme division of Supervalu.  

• Dennis Schwartz, Albertsons Northwest division, who was formerly district manager in the Seattle area for the Intermountain West division of Supervalu after previously serving as vice president, marketing and merchandising, for the Dallas-Fort Worth division of Albertsons LLC.

•  Greg McNiff, Albertsons Southern California, formerly senior vice president, operations, for the Southern California division of Supervalu. He joined the original Albertsons in 1981.  

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• David Urby, Albertsons Market Southern division, formerly district manager for the division's West Texas stores, who started his career at the original Albertsons in 1984. • Greg Matteri, Albertsons Market Southwest division, formerly meat sales manager for the division.

• Ken Diehl, Jewel Osco, formerly vice president, marketing and merchandising, for the Southwest division of Albertsons LLC.


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•  Paul Gossett, Shaw's and Star Markets, formerly senior director of merchandising at Nash Finch, Minneapolis.  He spent part of his career at the original Albertsons, starting in 1977.

• Tom Rousonelos  vice president of pharmacy operations at New Albertsons Inc., formerly vice president, pharmacy operations, for Jewel-Osco, Albertsons Intermountain West, Cub and Shop N Save.

• Stewart Edington, vice president of pharmacy operations, for Albertsons LLC, the same title he has held with  Albertsons LLC.

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