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Disruptors 2019: Restaurant delivery

This is part of Supermarket News’ 2019 Disruptors package. See the entire lineup here.

It used to be that dining out at a restaurant was a special occasion. Now, that’s no longer the case. But even more so than consumers dining out at restaurants, it’s the impact that restaurant delivery is having that is making supermarkets take notice.

With the rise of apps like Seamless and Uber Eats, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to order food with the tap of a few buttons.

According to Cardlytics, a data analysis company based in Atlanta that tracks consumer spending, sales with third-party delivery is growing 100% year over year, something that “may be having as much impact on grocery as it is on restaurants,” said Matt Drewes, SVP of restaurant ad partnerships with Cardlytics.

One question that hasn’t been answered yet is what at-home restaurant delivery is replacing — restaurant visits or grocery trips? “When you talk to any of the operators that are taking on and adding delivery, they are all fairly convinced that it’s incremental to their business. So this could be, for the first time in a long time, the entire restaurant market could expand with delivery,” Drewes said.

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